What is 2WayLive?

2WayLive is an interactive Tele-education platform.

It can also be viewed as an Educational Video-Conferencing (EVC) solution. It creates 2-way, live, real-time connections between Teachers teaching from a central studios and Students studying at remote classrooms. Using 2-way high definition audio/video, real-time chat and synchronous assessment, a Teacher can reach, teach, assess and interact with students sitting in several remote classrooms, just as they would have in a physical classroom.

In addition, 2WayLive provides an integrated platform to conduct Review and Recall quizzes (RRQ) in real time to map student understanding, secure Video Archives for students and many other features.

2WayLive can be setup using VSAT network, Leased lines, MPLS-VPN links, Internet Leased lines, consumer broadband internet, 4G mobile broadband links as well as a combination of these links. It can also run in parallel to existing VSAT networks, to extend the network for cost-sensitive implementations.

A central studio is implemented at the Teacher location. Remote students sit in outlying classrooms. Teacher may continue to teach his physical class while relaying his class to outlying classrooms.

Why 2WayLive?

A bound-less classroom offers limitless opportunities for highly-accomplished teachers – Great teachers who have mastered the art and science of subject delivery.

While a large number of students wish to join their class, available teaching time and classroom space limit their opportunity. Such teachers are increasingly looking at leveraging technology to teach hundreds of students at the same time, and also therefore monetize their efforts several times over as compared to a regular classroom. Furthermore, by making 2way interaction between students and teacher possible, 2WayLive reduces the physical divide and allows students to interact with the professor in an organic manner.

2WayLive provides a complete solution for student growth, that allows a student to learn Pre-Class, In-Class and Post-Class. By allowing live testing (through Review and Recall Quizzes) and post-class access to Secure Video Archives, students can find their weak points and work on them. Furthermore, by providing an intuitive and fully integrated portal, 2WayLive allows Entities to focus on the students (and not on day-to-day technological and logistical needs) and makes scaling a tele-education network easy.

In past Satellite technology has been used for tele-education application for its wide reach and reliability, but it is increasingly becoming costly, specially so for small networks of under-50 classrooms. In addition, Satellite technology forces a dependency on one link and one provider. Maintaining redundant links has cost impact and switching complexity. In effect, there is no real way to create a cost-effective, redundant, fail-safe, low latency network. 2WayLive allows you to do exactly that using a multi-channel internet based approach.

By creating a techno-commercially feasible alternative, it can become a solution for all entities who wish to expand their classrooms beyond the physical confines of a location and create a virtual classroom encompassing several distant classrooms.