2WayLive For School & School Chain

School Educators carry the crucial mantle of being the architects of students’ learning and development ethos. The habits, outlook and practices adopted by students’ at this formative stage set the foundation or NEEV for their capabilities and therefore achievements for much of their adult life. Tomorrow’s leaders need to learn on their own. They need to train and orient themselves towards multiple sources of knowledge and multiple modes of knowledge assimilation. The foundations and practice of life-long learning can be fostered through innovative pedagogical practices, some of which have been embroidered within 2WayLive’s instructional fabric.

Standalone schools as well as School Chains could benefit from 2WayLive product suite in several ways, some of which are summarized below.

To create and provide Pre-Learn video lessons and self-assessments for better learning outcomes
Not all teachers teach with the same finesse and not all students learn in the same way. It is well established now that students learn differently and at their own pace. New knowledge is always built on top of prior knowledge. For a variety of reasons – distractions, fatigue, plan out-of-touch etc, topic pre-knowledge may not be sufficiently activated in the classroom for each student. Therefore they are not able to register and comprehend the new knowledge as fluidly and at the pace as the teacher is presenting, They fall behind and if this cycle is not remedied timely, develop an anathema to the subject. This vicious cycle can be preempted.

Evolved schools are turning towards video lessons and pre-learn material to help each student study and prepare for the lessons at their own pace. Each subject-department will have teaching talent ranging from Expert to Novice. Department heads can harness the multiple talents within their teams to develop learning outcomes, lesson scripts and screen play, lesson assessments, pre-requisite lessons, FAQs, higher order assessments for the gifted etc.

It is well established that students’ registration, comprehension and recall are better when they engage multiple senses. Video lessons capture the attention of Gen-Z in a better way than plain book reading. The 5 to 10 minute modules could have self-check assessments in the end or interspersed within the lesson, as best determined by the subject matter experts. PreLearn courses can help spread the curriculum exposure over a much longer period. For example weaker students can start their course journey much before the formal commencement. Through repeated views they can The gifted ones can foray into higher order thinking exercises.


Pre-learn preparations

Building pre-learn video lessons requires expert guidance at the outset. Once the staff picks up the process and the nuances, implementation will be smooth. Some key steps in the entire process:

  1. Determine the desired Learning outcomes per Topic and per session.
  2. Determine the appropriate formative assessment corresponding to each stage of the learning taxonomy – Remember, Understand, Apply, Analyse, Evaluate, Create, as relevant to the topic.
  3. Establish the screen play and the script for lesson recording.
  4. Establish the setup for recordings, tools, devices etc.
  5. Arrange the platform for editing, uploading the lessons
  6. Platform for student access of lessons.

2WayLive platform and Experts carry the Body of Knowledge, setup, procedures and choice of implementation-options for each of the above activities, to make such a project an easy success for schools.


InClass real time performance analysis, to guide the Taught and the Teacher

Till such time that humans develop telepathy, it will remain difficult for Teachers to determine with absolute certainty what the students have construed from the lesson. Like the fabled six blind men, each student constructs their own selective perception of a stated concept on top of their pre-knowledge. It is important that this interpretation be surfaced at an early stage and examined objectively by both the taught and the Teacher to determine the subsequent action towards the intended learning outcomes. A good way for this determination is to ask pointed questions. Good teachers continuously ‘dip-stick’ the general comprehension level of the cohort but even then fail to make student-specific determination over an extended period of time. 2WayLive’s Review and Recall Quiz is a comprehensive suite of integrated functions for InClass instructional strategy. The Implementation, Process and Progression are explained in great detail in the RRQ description as well as in other Application Notes.

The 2WayLive RRQ implementation can be incorporated along with PreLearn modules or without.


PostClass Learning Management

As the demands of curriculum increase, the number, variety and depth of subject matter exposures is also increasing. One of the ways to manage student engagement is through a structured Learning Management platform.

The Learning Management System provides several ways and tools to strengthen student’s recall, and practice of subject concepts and minutiae. LMS enables the teacher to observe and understand the time spent by students on lessons, and assignments, as well the progression pursued by individual student or the cohort as a whole. A number of tools such as Study Material, Quiz and types of quiz, Assignments, Forums, Workshop, Audio and Video resources, wiki etc., can be structured for students. Students can study at their own pace, and teacher can observe the effort and time invested by students.

School Chains can employ the entire gamut of 2WayLive features and functionalities described in great detail, to pool faculty resources across schools, create competition between sections of the same grade in the same school or across schools, bootstrap student, faculty and administrator competency across locations, at low budget and complete ease. 2WayLive team can help School chains set up the entire value chain at low cost and dynamic billing.