2Way Connectivity

From specially designed studios or studio-classrooms, Teachers can view, teach, assess, instruct and interact with students at remote classrooms. A wide variety of setups can be accommodated ranging from but not limited to, Physical whiteboard, digital whiteboard, PC or Tab based PPT, unlimited number and combination of audio and video sources and their presentation

The Studios and Classrooms can be networked by almost any form of Internet or Intranet. While typically each 2WL studio will be connected over a 2/4 Mbps internet Leased Line (according to the configuration). Unicast or Multicast VPNs, as well as satellite/VSAT links can also be used


BigNet is a Internet aggregation tool, which can be deployed on any Classroom PC to aggregate multiple internet links such that all connected capacities virtually appear as one big connection. Any number of links can be connected to the PC to operate in a fail-over and load-sharing manner

Where no other facility is available, multiple 4G-LTE channels can be aggregated (by themselves or in conjunction with other internet links). For instance, four, 4G channels, one from each national operator, can be combined. Where ever signal quality is low, a 4G signal booster could solve the low-signal issues

BigNet encrypts all data using 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard to ensure link level security.

Connectivity Modes

2WL operates in two modes namely, Instruction mode and Interaction mode.

The two modes operate independent of each other so much so that the end equipment for the two modes at the studio and CR are also separate.

Typical round-trip latency during Instruction mode will be 2-3 seconds. While during the Interaction mode it will be 100-300 milliseconds.

While Two-way Audio-Video is available during both modes, for extended and intense discussions Interaction mode is better suited and Instruction mode is suitable for casual, short-duration interaction, with either the entire set of classrooms or even a individual classroom.