Teaching remote classrooms has never been easier!

You could be

  • A Coaching Center seeking to establish centers anywhere globally. Or,
  • A College/University planning live courses for skilling, flip-class, distance learning or continuing education. Or,
  • A Corporate seeking to enhance staff competency at own offices or at the affiliates. Or,
  • A Defense, paramilitary or Police organization seeking to hold infrequent, short-term but intense training & orientation for your staff. Or,
  • A Government department mandated to build student’s academic capacity and capability at outlying areas or enhance academic competencies for teachers and administrators. Or,
  • Any entity seeking inclusive, result-oriented, cost-effective outreach for teaching-learning.

2WayLive enables you to quickly establish and deliver efficient, cost-effective and interactive synchronous teaching-learning to several locations at the same time. 2WL’s flexible configuration and customization could potentially fit almost all business needs – from 10 sites to 1000 sites per network.

2WL’s standalone (non-networked) setup can be implemented for Lecture Capture, Video Archives and Realtime Interactive Quiz (RRQ).

Based on the required features and quality levels the following implementation options may be considered.

  1. Fully Interactive 2WayLive implementation with Quality Group 1 (High-quality)
  2. Fully Interactive 2WayLive implementation with Quality Group 2 (Medium-quality)
  3. 2WayLive with Single Rate Reception option
  4. Standalone Lecture Capture and Secure Video Archives, with multiple methods for access-regulation, View-control, Time-period control, etc
  5. Standalone Interactive Quiz implementation

At the bare minimum an 8’ x 12’ closed, quiet room can be converted into a teaching studio. Depending on the extent and complexity of the operation, a suitable technical support team will be required.

Typical investments in the studio can range from INR 3 lacs upwards, depending on the space, functionality, teaching mode, interaction, desired quality, etc.