2WayLive Business Affiliate Program

The idea behind the business affiliation program is to engage with like-minded individuals or business entities which have good local area penetration and an understanding in the chosen market segment.

The role of Business Affiliate is to introduce the proposition, features and benefits to likely prospects in the chosen segment, qualify the prospect’s fit and suitability for 2WayLive platform and then shape the engagement and adoption model alongwith the 2WayLive Enterprise team.

The Business Affiliate will prospect his local/designated territory and generate and register leads with 2WayLive Enterprise team. Each lead will have a mutually acceptable and reasonable Expected Date of Maturity which unless extended, will release the lead from Affiliate’s portfolio.

Upon successful conversion of a prospect to an Entity, the Affiliate will be entitled to x% of the Usage Charges accruing from the case, for a prorated period of 12 months. The Fixed charges and Other charges are excluded from this scope. Terms and Conditions apply.

Some segments of engagement (but not limited to) can be:

  1. Coaching centers
  2. Skill dev centers
  3. Corporate
    • Own offices or Channel offices
  4. Universities, for distance learning, Flip Class Model, college chains.
  5. Community Colleges
  6. School chains
    • Student competency, Faculty competency, parent orientation etc
  7. Central and State Government departments
    • Training for own locations
    • Defense/State Police offices
  8. Healthcare
    • Internal CME sessions
    • Knowledge sharing and collaboration for Doctors, Nursing and Paramedics
    • Staff orientation and sensitization
  9. Political Parties
  10. Religious services
  11. Any other

Affiliate Expression of Interest (EOI)