2WayLive For Company Human Resource Departments​

Human Resource Competence is a key challenge always staring at Corporate or Government enterprises. Just as “Change is a Constant” in the corporate world, the chase to develop optimum human capital within the rank and file is a constant challenge for Learning and Development teams of any multi-location Enterprise, The cycle of Selection to Induction to Refreshment to Up gradation seems to be never ending.
Sales and Business Development specifically face these challenges of training, orienting and motivating In-house teams as well as  -Outsourced teams, Channel Partner teams, Customer teams. 

There are several issues and gaps in the traditional methods:

Physical sessions from the same expert moving to several locations is costly and slow. Train-the-trainer approach suffers from the proverbial chinese-whisper syndrome and  subjective trainer-quality and variable delivery. Most training are bereft of objective assessment and follow-up plans. Almost always, there is too much matter to cover and too less time, and the casualty are slow-learning and fast forgetting, individual mis-conceptions,  inadequate practice, case-studies and role plays.

Pure-play e-learning at off-hours does not work, even with the most motivated teams. The engagement and thrill of live, instructor led sessions is missing.

There is a growing realization and lean towards a blended format which is

  • Live Instructor-led
  • Poses frequent thought-provoking questions
  • Engages audience by analyzing and presenting their responses in real time
  • Guides audience towards desired conclusion
  • utilizes the principles of pre-class, in-class and post-class concept-building and scaffolding to achieve identified learning outcomes and competence.

2WayLive’s broad range of features and capabilities address several of the above identified challenges.

Pre-recorded video content by the leading expert, Role play-out by expert actors for behavioral training, Team-dynamics play-out for case-study analysis etc., could set the tone and guidance for participants. Real time embedded assessments and follow-on summary quiz comprise Pre-learn for the Live Instructor led sessions.  Intermittent real time RRQ fashioned as Individual Learning Quiz or Team Based Quiz will facilitate active learning. Multi-center 2WayCall simulates group role-plays spanning multiple locations, and objective follow through with post-class workshops, forums and other tools provide a rich assemblage of tools that corporate trainers and L&D managers can use for desired outcomes.

2WayLive is an excellent tool to include outlying, remote sites within the national sessions. BigNet enables high speed reliable connectivity to all sites. A meeting room can be converted into a training room and back at short notice. Usage based pricing works well for infrequent and on-demand L&D sessions.

EduNeev can further assist and value-create through custom solutions and configurations, hand holding the development of learning outcomes, Training Need Analysis and Training Need Achievement, and learning life cycle management for Corporate.’