What is 2WayLive?

2WayLive is an interactive Tele-education platform. It may also be viewed as a low-cost Educational Video-Conferencing (EVC) solution.

It creates 2-way, live, real-time connections between Teachers teaching from a central studio and Students studying at remote classrooms. Using 2-way high definition audio/video, real-time chat and synchronous assessment, a Teacher can reach, teach, assess and interact with students sitting in several remote classrooms, just as they would have in a physical classroom.

Key features such as BigNet, Multiple rates, Real-time Quiz, Secure Video Archives, LMS, CRM, low-latency secure links, 2WayStudio and many other enable 2WayLive to uniquely serve Tele-education requirements. 

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Interactive TeleEducation could unlock the true value of Teachers’ time, and

equip them to meet cherished Learning Outcomes, with Speed, Ease, Economy and all-round Satisfaction. 

21 Go-To Reasons for 2WayLive!

2WayLive is an integrated platform.

The platform weaves several valuable functions into a seamless Pre-class, In-class and Post-class pedagogy.

The span and acuity of features in the platform make it a unique offering specifically focused on classroom-centric tele education


  • 2WayCall supports the Interaction mode and allows real-time communication between the students and teacher.
  • When triggered by the Studio, the Instruction mode video session is torn-down and 2WayCall initiated, and upon termination of the Interaction session, the Instruction mode is resurrected. All of this is done with no user intervention at the class room end.
  • 2WayCall is an ultra low latency application, with typical latency in the range of 100 to 300 milliseconds.


  • 2WayStudio is a comprehensive application software which interfaces to audio and video sources on one hand, and Live-streams to the cloud facilities on the other.
  • 2WayStudio is an AV-ingester, audio & video mixer, scene switcher and Full HD encoder in a single application.
  • It is integrated with the 2WayLive Portal for Start and Stop of streams and other functions


  • 2WayPlayer receives and plays Instruction mode AV stream. It can support both unicast and multicast streams. The player integrates with 2WL Portal to automatically play the stream when invoked from the portal.
  • A low latency player, it displays the classroom ID in which it is used, to deter camera capture.


  • BigNet is a Internet channel aggregation tool which can aggregate multiple Internet channels into one big virtual channel, and therefore enables high-speed audio, video and data communication reliably over low-cost consumer Internet channels.
  • BigNet can integrate Leased lines, MPLS-VPN links, Internet Leased lines, consumer broadband internet, 4G mobile broadband links and a combination of these links.

2WayLive Portal

  • The 2WayLivePortal is the “glue” of the system and integrates many system-operations into a single interface. It is used to create and serve The Enterprise, business Entities, Entity Studios, Entity Centers, Center Classrooms, Class Coordinators, Faculties, Operators and Students.

Quality Groups

  • 2WayLive offers differential service quality levels via the concept of Quality Groups. A Quality Group is a collection of Transmission rates and Reception rates, with configuration variables for frame-rates, key frames, encoding parameters, decoding parameters etc

Multi-Rate Reception

  • MRR feature enables a center to dynamically switch between the available Reception Rates. Multiple Reception Rates are available to a center in each QG. The MRR interface presents Full-HD, HD or DVD quality options.
Continuous Classroom Monitoring System
  • CCMS is an implementation which enables the Faculty to continuously monitor all classrooms as well as Students sitting in the classroom.
  • CCMS comprises of a high-resolution IP Camera installed in each classroom of interest, which can be monitored as and when required from a Central Station.

OHA and AudioTalk

  • OverHead Announcement (OHA) is a setup integrated in each classroom through which persons stationed at the Studio can listen in an undetected way to a specific classroom. In this way the Studio has its Eyes and Ears in each classroom.
  • Subject to a stable uplink capacity at the remote location the Studio may listen and speak to a specific center at any time.

Review & Recall Quiz

  • RRQ is an innovative real time assessment process which is key to an effective InClass pedagogy strategy. Through handheld wireless KeyPads (KP) or a Mobile application, the teacher can receive student responses to quiz questions posed to students situated at remote classrooms.
  • RRQ provides a detailed and comprehensive methodology of quiz preparation, quiz performance, response reception and response analysis.
RealTime Response system
  • RTRS allows for continuous assimilation of student responses from distributed classrooms and comprises of either a Mobile Response option or a Keypad option.
  • Both the Mobile and Keypad Response option send responses to the server with sub-second latency.
  • A custom inventory management and student-keypad allocation method is also implemented.

Lecture Capture

  • 2WayLive provides the capability to capture live lectures being delivered by a faculty. The Video Lessons may be recorded while streaming either at the Studio or in the Cloud or at both, OR may be recorded in an Off line mode i.e., without streaming.
  • These lectures can later be made available to students via Video Archive solution.

Local Video Archives

  • 2WayStudio can facilitate Local capture of Video Lesson. The Local Archives may be created in any size, framerate, A/V encoding rate etc.
  • The Video may be edited at leisure and then uploaded either to the cloud for cloud based access or to a local server for local access.

Conditional video access

  • It is possible to provide video archive to students on a conditional basis.
  • Archive Access conditions may be
    • Start and End dates
    • number of views of each video lesson,
    • Configurable Video Play Time hours/minutes per student group,
    • OR a combination of these conditions.


  • 2WayCRM is a comprehensive front office system for upcoming coaching centers and for institutions who do not have a front office management system of their own.
  • 2WayCRM incorporates a wide range of capabilities and support functions spanning Leads data entry and import, Lead-Source management, Lead-Conversion management and many more.

Secure Video Archives

  • For home based access of video archives, we provide an end-to-end secure playback solution.
  • Video content access may be selectively enabled for various operating systems.
  • When implemented, SVA ensures that video download, or Screen-capture is prevented.
  • SVA also implements a randomly-moving, on-screen watermark or marquee which continue to display student profile elements.


  • Relay Chat is a frequently used communication tool for 2way communication between Studio and Centers.
  • 2WayChat is a special ultra low latency, secure implementation of Relay Chat, comprising of a Sessions Chat and a Support Chat. Sessions Chat is used for Student to Faculty messages, while Support chat is used for messaging between the Technical support personnel stationed at the Studio and the Centers.
  • Other special features include one-touch setup and initiation, continuous connection monitoring etc.


  • 2WayLMS is a full-featured Learning Management System to allow students to better engage with lectures and taught material.
  • 2WayLMS can be used to conduct post-session quizzes, allow student to watch video archives, track progress and much more.

Multicast support

  • Public Internet supports Unicast but private networks may need to support multicast transmission as well. 2WayLive can be custom configured to support multicast transmission and reception.

Pay per Usage

  • 2WayLive Portal supports a dynamic billing model which can be configured to support Pay per use (PPU) charging. The PPU model enables each site to pay for the its usage of system resources, independent of other sites. This is dependent on stream quality used.

Usage & Billing

  • Through the Usage & Billing page, each site is able to view its specific usage per session, and view the accrued usage charges etc.